Introducing CoreCool

Where refrigeration meets precision engineering

What’s CoreCool All About?

🔧 **Reactive Maintenance:** Swift and effective responses to unexpected issues. With 24/7 field coverage across most of mainland Scotland we have got your covered.

🔄 **Proactive Maintenance:** Stay ahead with preventative measures for uninterrupted operations. We can help you navigate audits and provide service contracts to cater for all needs.

🆕 **New Installations:** Cutting-edge cooling solutions tailored to your unique needs. Get in touch for a quote for your next installation – big or small.

Why CoreCool?

At Swan Engineering, we’ve always prioritized quality and innovation. CoreCool is our commitment to elevating your cooling experience with precision, reliability, and forward-thinking solutions.

In founding CoreCool we assembled an experienced team with a diverse background. Our team has been able to hit the ground running. We already proudly support some of the biggest customers in the sector in Scotland.

We have intentionally given CoreCool operational independence so that it remains agile and able to best meet the needs of our customers by being a dedicated function within our business. However, because CoreCool is backed by our well established engineering divisions offering in-house design, fabrication and electrical services it is able to offer efficiencies that our competitors can’t.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you’re a current Swan Engineering customer, your services continue seamlessly and you have the option of moving your cooling needs across to us.
For those exploring new possibilities, CoreCool is here to cater to all your cooling needs. We may well be a new name but our team are well established in the field. We are confident that in 2024 CoreCool will become a leader in refrigeration services in Scotland and beyond. 

Stay Informed

 We are busy building this site in the background so keep checking back for industry insights, trends, and updates on the latest in the CoreCool journey.

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