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By lowering body temperature fast, CoreControl from CoreCool.co.uk offers INSTANT gains of 20-50% in strength & stamina and unmatched longer term conditioning even for sports people already at ‘peak’ fitness.

How? Intense exercise rapidly heats up the muscles and then the body core which impairs physical performance and causes fatigue. The enzyme MPK, needed in muscles, deforms increasingly as temperature rises. When cooled with CoreControl this enzyme re-stabilises plus more blood is supplied to working muscles instead of being diverted to the skin to lose heat which gives the heart less work. With the extra blood, lower heart rate and critically – the lower temperature stabilising the MPK, athletes find they can train and compete much harder and longer. 

No ice: Iced water, ice cold towels etc actually have the opposite effect because the extreme cold causes peripheral arteries to constrict, moving blood away from the skin, preventing heat loss and actually raising your core temperature! CoreControl uses the pulling pressure of a ‘slight vacuum’ to widen the hand’s arteries, increasing blood volume and cools the blood (at a minimum of 10 degrees) which is supplied directly to the overheating muscles and organs that need it. Simple – brilliant.

Detailed studies over several years have proven that only the combination of the vacuum and controlled cooling gives dramatic performance improvements, cooling alone has no such effect. No other method can provide the clear results that CoreControl offers. Personal bests on the first time of using it are regularly recorded, it has to become the ‘must have’ standard across ALL sport.

The recorded data from the years of trials stands up to the closest scrutiny and Doctors Dennis Grahn and H. Craig Heller who developed CoreControl and conducted the trials at Stanford University, a renowned seat of learning, put their name and considerable reputation behind CoreControl and its sporting performance gains. The huge gains are there for all to see, no matter how fit you think you are.


Conditioning over longer periods

A 242% increase in just 6 weeks!
Stanford University Trials:

pull ups over 6 weeks

Corecontrol Lowers Body Temperature

But what does overheating have to do with fatigue in the first place?

Much of the lab’s recent research can be summed up with Grahn’s statement that “temperature is a primary limiting factor for performance.” But the researchers were at a loss to understand why until recently.

In 2009, it was discovered that muscle pyruvate kinase, or MPK, an enzyme that muscles need in order to generate chemical energy, was highly temperature-sensitive.

At normal body temperature, the enzyme is active   heat loss via hand arteries

but as temperature rises, some of the enzyme begins to deform into the inactive state. By the time muscle temperatures near 104 degrees Fahrenheit, MPK activity completely shuts down.

There’s a very good biological reason for this shutdown. As a muscle cell increases its activity, it heats up. But if this process continues for too long, the cell will self-destruct. By shutting itself down below a critical temperature threshold, MPK serves as an elegant self-regulation system for the muscle.

“Your muscle cells are saying, “You can’t work that hard anymore, because if you do you’re going to cook and die,’” Grahn says.

When you cool the muscle cell, you return the enzyme to the active state, essentially resetting the muscle’s state of fatigue.

In further summary: 

When the body is put through intense exertion a lot of heat is created, fatigue sets in and strength, endurance and cognitive function deteriorate. Hot conditions magnify this problem. The nearer to their optimum temperature the better muscles and nerves perform so heating up has detrimental effects, limiting muscle performance no matter how fit you are. To lose heat blood is diverted to the surface of the skin but in doing so less blood is supplied to the working muscles and core organs. This means less oxygen and nutrients get to these parts than is ideal. The heart also has to work harder to pump this blood further. In treadmill trials recorded heart rate was considerably lower using CoreControl – see conditioning science page for the graph.

ICE DOES NOT WORK Cold or iced water cannot get through the body’s layers of tissue to the core and also, in reaction to the cold, the surface arteries constrict shunting blood away from the skin, actually preventing heat loss and raising core temperature further! CoreControl cools the amplified blood supplied to the palm which cools the body from the core out, the body then diverts less blood to the skin surface and supplies more directly to the working muscles and core organs. This means the muscles can do more work because they have more oxygen and energy and they actually perform better with the temperature lowered back to its optimum by the cooler blood.

RESULTS: Athletes are finding using CoreControl they can do more reps, run longer, faster or lift more than previously. This extra work brings all kinds of sporting benefits. What athlete would not love to see even the slightest improvement in their fitness, speed, power, strength and stamina? 20-50% is huge. 50% improvements in treadmill power running at Leeds Rugby. Used during competition it slows down fatigue and can be the winning factor. Those fully incorporating CoreControl into their regimes have a big advantage over those who do not. On their first trial, personal bests were recorded in the gym for a number of international rugby players who thought (along with their conditioners) they were already at their strongest. One England player improved his 6 rep, supersets bench press PB by a huge 15KG or 33lbs. Even illegal steroids can not give results like this. 

THINK QUICKER: Athletes have reported that when using CoreControl they thought more clearly too. Because of CoreControl the brain is receiving more blood and oxygen and is cooler so cognitive function is improved. You think quicker! Speed of thought is a massive factor in all sport. In the last stages of a close contest if one athlete/player is feeling fresher and thinking more clearly than their opponent it is a huge advantage. There is also evidence from its uses with MS that internal cooling helps heat blocked nerve axons to conduct their signal. 

REDUCE OR TOTALLY PREVENT CRAMP CoreControl helps prevent injuries caused directly by fatigue such as torn or strained muscles due to cramp. Dehydration and loss of electrolytes through sweating causes fatigue and cramp. Because the body’s temperature is lowered by CoreControl it needs to sweat less, retaining vital water and electrolytes! It should be used as a standard part of the warm down routine – with the extra flow of blood to the muscles more metabolic waste products (cramp causing lactic acid for example) are removed. 

TRIALS:- More tests, trials, data and statistics have been recorded than you can shake a stick at. See the video and conditioning science page for statistics, graphs etc. Clear results are seen on the very first time of use, even personal bests are common. The notoriously efficient German football team invested in Corecontrol and had the highest covered yardage on their way to winning the 2014 World Cup. At the highest level every advantage you can get counts.

Scott McGonaglreduce and stop cramp with corecontrol from corecoole, Head Athletic Trainer, Miami Hurricanes:
 Used CoreControl since 2003 till present


“CoreControl is used during games and two-a-day practices for 2-3 minutes or as needed. It has reduced and/or eliminated cramping and seems to have a calming effect on players. During our game against Florida 3 years ago it was about 94 degrees out with a heat index of 110 degrees or more. We were behind 23-3. I felt that CoreControl helped maintain them through the game and helped us win that game.”

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