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What is CoreControl from CoreCool?

CoreControlTM , aka ‘The Glove’, powered by Rapid Thermal eXchange (RTXTM) is cutting edge technology and cools body temperature fast. An increase in body temperature limits one’s ability to do physical work. Keeping cool enhances physical performance. CoreControl can enhance performance and recovery for athletes focused on speed, strength and/or endurance conditioning, for those who work in hot environments or for those vigorously exercising. CoreControl works with the body’s natural adaptations for thermoregulation. It is simple to use, painless, non-invasive, safe and effective. Simply place your hand in the cooling glove for a few minutes.

How does CoreControl improve performance? Why does it work? Specialized blood vessels exist in the palm of your hand for heat dissipation purposes. These structures – your body’s radiators – allow large amounts of blood to flow directly beneath the skin when the body needs to dissipate excess heat. CoreControl enhances the blood flow to these surfaces with a slight vacuum and cools the blood to a minimum of 10 degrees which is not too cold to cause the arteries to constrict. Only this combination can give the dramatic increases in work capacity, cooling alone offers no such gains!  

corecontrol from corecool, the cooling glove that increases fitness massively
new design cooling glove lowers body core temperature

Corecontrol Cools Body Temperature Fast

CoreCooling enhances physical performance for athletes because the muscles and nerves work better nearer their optimum temperature. Muscle pyruvate kinase, or MPK, an enzyme that muscles need in order to generate chemical energy, is highly temperature-sensitive, as temperature rises, some of the enzyme begins to deform into the inactive state. By the time muscle temperatures near 104 degrees Fahrenheit, MPK activity completely shuts down. When you cool the muscle cell, you return the enzyme to the active state, essentially resetting the muscle’s state of fatigue. 

Also, because the heart has less work (as it needs to pump less blood to the skin for heat loss) it has more energy to enhance your sporting performance and this in turn makes more blood available to service working muscles and organs with more oxygen and nutrients. Also, more metabolic waste products are removed by the extra blood flow preventing other issues like cramp. This, in turn, can prevent many injuries caused directly by fatigue for example strained or torn muscles due to cramp. 

Dehydration and loss of electrolytes through sweating is another cause of cramp, the lower body temperature achieved using CoreControl means you sweat less, retaining vital water and electrolytes.

Why don’t I just stick my hand in iced water? Existing “cooling” products including misting fans, cold towels, or iced water simply don’t work because they try to push cold into the body through the skin, fat and muscles which are very effective insulating materials. They can actually raise your core temperature because the cold causes arteries to constrict, stopping blood flow and therefore loss of heat. CoreControl works by pulling heat directly out of the core through “thermal portals” in the hands kept open by a slight vacuum. CoreControl can accomplish heat extraction more efficiently, safely, and quickly than any other method.  

Will I feel cooler? Generally not. It’s difficult to feel CoreControl extracting heat from your body because you don’t have temperature sensors deep inside your body, they are primarily on the skin surface so you may not “feel” cool, but you will feel more refreshed and ‘ready to go’ again. A good indicator of its effects working (apart from the ability to do substantially more physical work) is to watch the forehead dry up and stop sweating. At the end of a hard session if you are are particularly fatigued, (profusely sweating, red faced, no energy, even a slight headache) whereas it may usually take 20-30 minutes or more to stop sweating and feel better, using CoreControl you will feel a wash of coolness and relief after around 5 minutes. In stark contrast, you actually then feel refreshed and ready to go again.

Can the results be explained by Placebo Effect? In a word, no. To quote Oliver Price, seen on the home page video, “no amount of placebo can make you lift that much more.” The increases regularly recorded are just too big to be placebo. Plus scientific ‘control’ tests have been done with the cooling glove using just the cold water and no vacuum – no performance increases were achieved. Proving that ONLY the combination of vacuum and controlled cooling offers the dramatic performance gains.

Are there any negative side effects to using CoreControl? No direct negative side effects have been observed with the use of CoreControl. Because it works with your natural adaptations, it simply returns you to normal. Because CoreControl  results in rapid and dramatic gains in strength and endurance, athletes and coaches should be careful they don’t over train.

Who are the right people to use CoreControl? CoreControl provides incredible benefits to anyone who pushes themselves to their performance limits during exercise and sport. This is when the body generates the most heat and has an acute need to dissipate it. In a normal resting state, or during mild exercise, the body is able to thermo regulate quite well on its own. It is also used in hot climates and hot working conditions. Multiple sclerosis sufferers who suffer more in the heat find great benefit.  

Who has used CoreControl? Football: Germany – 2014 World Cup Winners, England, USA, Manchester United, Chelsea. Rugby: Wasps, Leeds, Paul Wellens, (St. Helens and GB rugby captain). CyclingGarmin-Chipotle Tour De France team. American Football: San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins; Ice Hockey: New York Rangers; Motor Sports: GM/Corvette Racing Team, Brumos (Porsche) Racing; Swimming: Chinese Olympic Team; US Olympic Decathletes; Australia Olympic Training Center, Sydney, Ultra Marathoners running across the Sahara.

As an athlete, does using CoreControl mean that I don’t have to work as hard to achieve the same results? CoreControl is not a magical solution that will help you increase strength or aerobic threshold just by using it. It’s a tool to help athletes or fitness enthusiasts recover quickly and do more work in a shorter amount of time. That work is still up to the athlete who must push their limit for maximum benefit. Vigorously exercising athletes using CoreControl are regularly surprised by performing far beyond their own (and their coaches’) expectations.

As an athlete, will I maintain my improvement when I don’t use CoreControl during training or competition? The conditioning effect from the use of CoreControl is lasting. Athletes are able to maintain high levels of performance even on days when they don’t use CoreControl. However, the same rate of performance gains after you stop using CoreControl would not be expected.

Who developed CoreControl? CoreControl was invented and developed at Stanford University, USA by Drs. Dennis Grahn and H. Craig Heller. It is now sold in Europe by CoreCool. 

How and when do I use CoreControl? Once you witness the enormous benefits that using CoreControl brings, you will inevitably incorporate cooling periods as part of all training and competition regimes. A rule of thumb is – if you are sweating then you are overheating and will benefit hugely from its use! Pre-cooling: If you CoreCool before competition or training (3-5 mins), especially after the warm up, then the body takes longer to heat up to fatigue levels keeping you at peak for longer.

During competition: Whenever there is an appropriate break in play or competition, CoreCool for 2-5 minutes – for a boost before a race or a throw for example, if possible, even longer, 8-10 minutes in a half time break for instance. If you only have a short break of, say 1 minute in tennis for example, it is still very important to CoreCool. This will reduce fatigue and revitalise, returning the athlete to compete again with ‘fresher legs’.

During training: Again, whenever there is an appropriate break it should be used as above then athletes can do more work in the session and therefore gain more benefit. For example the cooling glove can be used during weight training between and after sets from between 1 min (early sets) and 4 mins (before last or extra sets) or during a water/rest break in an aerobic fitness session for 4-7 minutes.  If your regime only allows 1 minute or so break (and you can’t lengthen it) it is still important to CoreCool, though CoreCooling for longer (over 3 minutes) will visibly provide more benefits!

Following exercise: CoreControl should be used for around 6 – 10 minutes at the end of training or competition to aid recovery, reduce dehydration, fatigue and prevent cramp. It should be used after the warm down and before any ice baths. The increased blood flow to muscles helps clear away potentially harmful, metabolic by-products like lactic acid.

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