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Corecontrol – the Science: how it works and recorded performance results: 

50% increases in power running at Leeds Rugby. Statistics here on Excel sheet.

Bar chart below. Running at 14km/hr on an 8% incline. Time measured in seconds.

50% fitness increase

Power Point Presentation of more conditioning data with graphs here  View in Word

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Increasing Fitness

Elevated core body temperature is a problem for many athletes. Anyone regularly subjected to exertion, especially in hot conditions knows what heat can do to performance. As the temperature of the body’s muscles and core organs rise, fatigue sets in and strength, endurance and cognitive function deteriorate rapidly. The quick solution is CoreControl from CoreCool.

Actual Stanford University study data here in Adobe PDF form Extracts below.


fitness gains with corecool

In the above graph (treadmill power walking on 9 % incline in a hot room at 40 degrees C & 40% humidity) you can see that recorded temperature was consistently lower with CoreCooling (black line) and endurance was considerably longer compared with no treatment (clear square line) and cooling in the glove minus the vacuum (clear triangle). Cooling alone is shown to have higher temperature than no treatment proving there is no placebo effect and that only the vacuum with cooling offers any gain. Endurance was increased by a massive 43%!   


    increase fitness better than steroids

In the above graph (from same treadmill trials) heart rate is shown to be consistently much lower when corecooling (black line) as compared to no treatment (clear square) and cooling in the glove with no vaccum (clear triangle). Because of the lower core temperature achieved using CoreControl the heart does not need to work as hard pumping blood to the skin for cooling, leaving more energy for sporting performance.

Over longer periods the conditioning effect is outstanding. A 242% increase was recorded in only 6 weeks in an athletes capacity to do pull ups. See the ‘in brief’ page for the graph or the word doc above.

The elegant muscle

But what does overheating have to do with fatigue in the first place?

Much of the lab’s recent research can be summed up with Grahn’s statement that “temperature is a primary limiting factor for performance.” But the researchers were at a loss to understand why until recently.

In 2009, it was discovered that muscle pyruvate kinase, or MPK, an enzyme that muscles need in order to generate chemical energy, was highly temperature- sensitive. At normal body temperature, the enzyme is active—but as temperatures rise, some of the enzyme begins to deform into the inactive state. By the time muscle temperatures near 104 degrees Fahrenheit, MPK activity completely shuts down.

There’s a very good biological reason for this shutdown. As a muscle cell increases its activity, it heats up. But if this process continues for too long, the cell will self-destruct. By shutting itself down below a critical temperature threshold, MPK serves as an elegant self-regulation system for the muscle.

“Your muscle cells are saying, “You can’t work that hard anymore, because if you do you’re going to cook and die,’” Grahn says.

When you cool the muscle cell, you return the enzyme to the active state, essentially resetting the muscle’s state of fatigue.

CoreControlTM , aka The Glove, sold by CoreCool

was developed on the principles of mammalian thermoregulation. All mammals have “radiators,” specific regions of the body surface designed for dissipating excess heat – think of a dog’s tongue or rabbits’ ears. Blood is preferentially pumped to these surfaces when metabolism increases as it does during exercise. In humans these radiator surfaces are found in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. When an athlete gets hot, blood flow increases to these regions to dissipate heat through specialized blood vessels (called arteriovenous anastomoses or AVAs). These blood vessels in your palm don’t have capillary buds so the arterial blood mixes right in with the veinus blood. They don’t have capillaries that can constrict and prevent loss of heat in your palm, so you can pull a lot of heat out of the hand. CoreControl enhances heat extraction through these radiator surfaces using the combination of amplifying the blood flow using the ‘pull’ of a slight vacuum and controlled temperature – minimum of 10 degrees. Because it cools from the inside, one doesn’t really feel CoreControl’s effects as a cooling sensation, but rather as the sensation of being refreshed or less fatigued.

Conventional methods of cooling the body are typically applied to the skin’s surface (i.e. ice packs, cold water, etc.). While these often make one “feel” cooler temporarily, they are ineffective at cooling the body’s core organs and deep muscle tissue. This is a result of two phenomena: First, these treatments have difficulty penetrating the body’s insulating layers of tissue. Second, the intense cold of these remedies can result in a vasoconstriction of the peripheral blood vessels causing a reverse of the desired effect by shutting down the natural heat loss mechanisms. Causing the body to actually heat up.

Detailed studies over several years have proved that only the combination of the vacuum and 10 degree cooling gives dramatic performance improvements (cooling alone has no such effect) especially for athletes susceptible to heat stress. For those training and playing sport to elite levels (or aspiring to) CoreControl can keep the core body temperature within the zone for optimal performance. Even before actual ‘overheating’, it cools the body rapidly to slow the onset of fatigue, increase endurance, strength and improve cognitive function.

At the highest level of sport the smallest factor can be the difference between winning and losing. If an athlete, team or player takes full benefit of the huge increases attainable in their conditioning by using CoreControl and the benefits of using it during competition it is a distinct advantage over those who do not. The ultimate edge. 

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