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Corecontrol Cooling relieves Mutiple Sclerosis symptoms

Small changes in internal body heat can severely affect people with MS.
Cooling relieves multiple sclerosis symptoms for sufferers who use CoreControl from CoreCool. It has been shown to reduce fatigue, improve motor control, mobility and boost energy in a high percentage of sufferers.

LESLIE R. Diagnosed October 1982 with chronic progressive MS: 
“The best result I recall was when all parts of my body worked so well. I did things I could not do for years after just 10 minutes of core-cooling. Every little detail was wonderful. It was so easy. I was acting like a normal human being. That same morning I walked down the stairs. I normally had to hold on with both hands and painstakingly crawl downstairs. This time I walked down normally just holding onto the banister. I controlled my feet and danced! I didn’t have to hold onto the counters in the kitchen. I was standing with no problems – with perfect balance. This was 2 ½ hours after the cooling! We then went to Starbucks where all my friends were stunned by how well I could walk and balance. It was amazing! I thank you for this wonderful device that will transform lives. It is so exciting and wonderful, thank you so much.”
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Jim, age 57, diagnosed in 1987 with MS
Increases in core temperature causes a level of exhaustion making it difficult to impossible to walk due to loss of stability, balance and the dropping of his leg. After using CoreControl, Jim stated: “Now with CoreControl, since I can restore myself to a resting state within minutes instead of hours, I can go out further, enjoy myself to the hilt, and not be concerned about having the strength or energy to get back. THAT IS LIFE CHANGING!”

More than 400,000 in the U.S.A. and 85,000 people in the U.K, are afflicted with multiple sclerosis. The most common characteristics include fatigue, weakness, balance problems and numbness. Approximately 80% of those with MS have heat-related symptoms. This low heat tolerance affects many MS patients physically and mentally, it can be particularly worse in consistently hotter climates but is certainly not restricted to such. Even the slightest increase in the body core temperature can make symptoms far worse, a warm shower or bath, central heating, even walking wrapped up in cold weather can cause this. 

Cooling relieves multiple sclerosis symptoms for those affected by heat

Those afflicted with MS know that there is no known cure, but they are always seeking ways to make their lives easier. CoreControl™ from CoreCool is the only device that quickly lowers core body temperature which can improve quality of life by reducing fatigue and improving motor control. Some of the results seen have been remarkable. Since CoreControl is non-invasive, painless and portable, it can be used just about anywhere.

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The safe way to control body temperature

CoreControl™ is safe and quickly effective because it uniquely amplifies the body’s natural mechanisms for losing heat. It uses a slight vacuum to increase the blood flow to specialised arteries in the palms and then cools that blood at controlled temperatures. This cooled blood returns to the body core and cools you from the inside. External cooling methods such as iced water can cause your arteries to constrict, preventing heat loss and causing your core temperature to actually rise. Watch part 1 of the video documentary on the main, sport related, website to learn how CoreControl works and why it is the only system that offers big, physical performance gains for those with MS and sports people:- 

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Why Cool? (Taken from Multiple Sclerosis Cooling Foundation)

Why cool?

Cooling restores activity in heat-blocked axons, providing immediate relief. With appropriate devices, cooling provides a tool to better manage heat-related symptoms, a strategy for the life-style management of MS.
Cooling offsets the heat-load of exercise; axons continue to conduct, enabling heat-sensitive individuals to obtain the benefits of exercise.
Cooling provides a potential mechanism to slow the disease’s insidious progress. By restoring neural activity, cooling fosters remyelination and protects the axon from degeneration.
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A Demyelinated Nerve After Cooling

If the demyelinated nerve is cooled slightly, more current is available. If sufficient, the signal jumps the lesion and conduction is partially restored. Even small decreases in temperature may restore conduction in enough nerves to produce dramatic improvements in vision, fatigue, spasticity, cognitive function and other typical symptoms of MS.

CoreControl: Winner of 2005 da Vinci® Award

CoreControl™was honoured with a 2005 da Vinci Award®. The da Vinci Award® is an annual recognition program by the National MS Society, Michigan Chapter in conjunction with the da Vinci Society. This award recognizes the most innovative developments and research worldwide in adaptive and assistive technology that embrace the Universal Design Principle that empowers people of all abilities.

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Clinical and Immunological Effects of Cooling in Multiple Sclerosis

P.K. Coyle

Department of Neurology, HSC T-12, SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY 11794

L.B. Krupp; Carol Doscher; Zhidian Dengl; Anthony Milazzo

Eleven relapsing-remitting MS patients who reported heat sensitivity underwent cooling or sham cooling (placebo). Clinical parameters of visual acuity, timed walk, muscle strength, and coordination, and immune parameters of cytokine production were examined one hour before and after treatment. Cooling produced a significant improvement in acuity, timed walk, and muscle strength compared to sham cooling. Cooling, but not sham cooling, also decreased cytokine production by MS peripheral blood cells. These results suggest that cooling can result in objective clinical improvements in several functional systems of heat-sensitive MS patients. In addition to a clinical effect, cooling may also have an immune effect on MS.

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