corecontrol from corecool cooling glove

Corecontrol Cooling Glove from Corecool

corecontrol from corecool new design

Unmatched short and long term conditioning gains.  

 Scientifically proven to:- Lower core body temperature in minutes, Reduce dehydration, Reduce fatigue, Reduce, even eliminate cramp. All this dramatically increases physical performance.

Increase strength, stamina & power massively by cooling your body core fast using Corecontrol from Corecool. The rapid thermal exchange device, nicknamed The Glove creates a vacuum to draw blood to the surface of the palms. Cold circulating water cools the blood, which returns to the heart and rapidly lowers the body’s core temperature.

Corecontrol from Corecool

Watch the video documentary below to see how CoreControl works and why it is the only system that offers these instant and longer term fitness gains unmatched by any other method. With irrefutable, scientific data, hard facts and freely offered testimonials from top athletes and conditioners proving that it easily beats even steroids for sports performance gains and yet is totally safe and legal. It is no coincidence that the top five distances were covered by German players in their 2014 World Cup quarter-final against France.

* This is not a medical device. CoreControl is intended to augment natural cooling in a healthy body.

Corecontrol Cools body temperature fast giving huge fitness and power gains

Watch the BBC report on CoreControl aka ‘The Glove’ here

 For prices and to order contact: neill (at)  Tel: +44 (0)7720 811400

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corecontrol from corecool cooling glove

Watch the video-documentary below in 3 parts as well as National Geographic’s report on Corecontrol.


The video doc was produced by Harlequin Productions a TV commercial production company and media buying advertising agency London.